Chantilly, VA Cleaning Services

Reserve a maid today with Chantilly’s Premier maid service provider, offering high-quality cleaning, experience and a proven record of service and safety.

2 Maids and a Bucket is able to provide Cleaning solutions for any size Home, at any location in Chantilly, VA. Here’s what we offer:

The Initial Clean:

The first time we clean your home, we’ll take extra time to go over every room, top to bottom, left to right, making sure everything is clean and ready for regular maintenance.

Move In/Out:

We work with apartment complexes, realtors, and property management companies. They call on 2 Maids and a Bucket to provide cleaning services when occupants move out or to clean and sanitize homes before the new owners move in.

Deluxe Home Cleaning:

This is a deep, “spring” cleaning of each room, top to bottom. We take books off the shelves; décor is removed, cleaned and put back. We clean the interior/exterior of all appliances. Throw rugs are washed, dried and put back down. We will customize this to meet your exact needs. This cleaning usually requires additional maids and buckets.

Personal & Custom Cleaning Contracts

Just call 2Maids and a Bucket at Call 703-314-8467 -or- Fill out our contact form, one of our representatives in Chantilly will get right back to you.